Interface Simplification

Over the years, your organization’s technology installations have often brought with them a multitude of interface installations. What often isn’t recognized is that over the course of the system installations, a few if not many of the previously installed interfaces are either no longer required or duplicative. Since interfaces need to be monitored and maintained, duplication means that you’re spending too much in maintenance and labor costs.

Celera Group's interoperability consultants are experts at reducing these duplicate interfaces, saving you time and considerable expense. Our consultants are not only technical subject matter experts but also know healthcare, and take an enterprise-wide approach to simplifying your interface structure.

Celera Group's Interface Simplification Methodology is as follows:

  • Phase I: Identify duplicate interfaces. Celera Group reviews your existing setup and develops a side-by-side view of common interface properties.We then perform a detailed specification analysis of duplicate interfaces.
  • Phase II: Develop and execute project plan.Working with our client, we develop and execute a work plan which configures single interfaces that accomplish the same data transfer as existing multiple interfaces. The plan includes estimated timelines for custom coding, testing, and results analysis as well as a financial impact statement.
  • Phase III: Provide recommendations for future interface strategy. Celera Group performs a thorough examination of existing connectivity schemas and future plans and provides recommendations to ensure no duplicate interfaces are created in the future.

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