Partnerships You Can Trust

You have presented your technology ideas and business case to the executive team and they support you. You have shared your vision with the physicians and clinicians you support and have received the buy-in needed to move ahead. You have been meticulous in your planning and have considered the risks to the patients and the community you serve … and now it is time to select a partner to help turn that vision into a reality. It is time to speak with Celera Group.

Of course, trust alone will not get the job done… you also need a qualified team of professionals that produce results. Celera Group partners and consultants are experienced healthcare and information technology professionals who understand how emerging industry trends and regulations affect you.

Celera Group has one goal for healthcare professionals… to deliver technology solutions that address your needs and deliver the level of service you expect.

Celera Group… a business partner you can depend upon.


ARRA Funds are helping to change the healthcare industry. Celera actively works with providers to make the most of this opportunity. Learn More ...
Interface Simplification

Stop working around your technology and make it work for you. Celera can help.
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HIPPA 5010 Compliance

Are you completely HIPPA compliant? Do you know about the 1,000+ changes required by 5010? We fill the gaps vendors leave.
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